We are in an environment of rapid change, with many industries transforming and being taken over. Thermoidea firmly believe that the only way to success in such an environment is for each and every employee to move with the times, growing with the company and constantly pursuing better quality. In 2010, Thermoidea started to promote its new corporate culture to meet the demands of a competitive and rapidly changing environment while taking quick advantage of its profit base,. With the commitment of the entire workforce, the founding principles of" Quality, technology, and Service " were reborn as a corporate mission which ensures high quality, pioneering technology, and customer satisfaction, product diversification, employee benefits and social contributions. This vision evolved into a people-based, quality-oriented corporate culture which is evident in every phase of the company's work, as well as in the daily lives of the entire staff.


For customer, Thermoidea has adhered to the principle of "Integrity, Credibility and Win-Win Success". We firmly believe that ensuring product quality and timely delivery, and we will win the honor from customers and then achieve long-term development purpose. Therefore, we guaranteed competitive price, as well as quality production and timely delivery for you maximizing your benefit and enlarging business.

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